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    The base price for all client shipped formulas is:
    $5.25/oz for 16 oz and up
    $5.75/oz for 8 oz
    $6.25/oz for 4 oz
    $6.75/oz for 2 oz
    $7.25/oz for 1 oz  

    Formulas that are heavily weighted with the more expensive herbs such as American Ginseng, Goldenseal, etc. will be prorated by percentage of formula.

    For the herb list of simples see our apothecary list.

    We put clients first. Formulas ship same day if possible next day max.

    Bulk apothecary orders may take 7 days depending on inventory.

    Discount offered on bulk formula orders. (Contact us to inquire.)

    Any questions contact Dan or associate.