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    Dan helped make it a life worth living again!

    Dan came highly recommended yet I arrived for my first appointment more desperate than hopeful. My stellar medical team were running out of effective treatment for chronic and disabling health problems resulting from cancer surgery that undoubtedly saved my life.

    Unexpectedly to me, Dan helped make it a life worth living again! I am still in awe that after almost four years of using Dan’s carefully crafted herbal tinctures made specifically for my complex health issues, and following recommended nutritional changes, there are clinical and measurable lab results.

    More important is what cannot be measured. Anyone with chronic disabilities recognizes that life’s real pleasures and joy are measured in moments and Dan has helped me restore and maintain a quality of life that was not looking possible in 2014.

    He is knowledgeable, thorough, and researches complex and rare medical conditions and necessary treatment to insure the efficacy, validity and safety of incorporating effective herbal medicine. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dan and consider him an integral member of my healthcare team.

    —Beverly L., retired medical social worker and long time cancer patient



    I am so grateful to be served by Dan, who has given me so much hope for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

    I first met with Dan about six months ago after years of poorly addressed health issues and visits to dozens of doctors. The intake process was thorough and unrushed; I felt incredibly safe and able to share even the most personal details of my health struggles. Dan helped me to refine my diet and also discussed the formulas he would prepare for me to support my healing. And while I trusted that this would all be helpful, I did not expect the drastic results that came over the next few months. 

    My entire life I have been chronically underweight and struggled with digestive issues. Within a few months of beginning treatment with Dan I gained significant weight (and was able to maintain it). My energy levels improved and I no longer experience extreme crashes between meals. The change is apparent to friends and family, who are also amazed at the improvement.

    I continue to work with Dan to address additional issues and have hope that in time I will be the healthiest version of myself as is possible, thanks to his support. I especially appreciate his attention to the nervous system and emotional health and its impact on my wellbeing.

    I trust Dan and recommend that anyone with challenging, long-standing health issues that have not been addressed by other providers seek him out. 

    With gratitude, 


    There’s good herbalists, and then there’s Dan Walsh.

    As a fellow health practitioner, and a weekly patient of his for the past two years, I give him my highest recommendation. Dan is not only a highly skilled herbalist with an encyclopedic knowledge of the field, he is also the kind of practitioner that takes the time to really listen and explain his methods. Part herbalist, part functional nutritionist, and part health coach, Dan offers a uniquely integrated approach to health and wellness that is evidenced-based and highly effective.

    I came to Dan at a time when I was at the end of my rope, feeling hopeless about my ability to address the persistent and painful digestive, immune and uri-gynecological issues I struggled with daily. With the customized herbal treatment plans he prescribed, and his evidenced-based suggestions for diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, I have experienced a complete transformation in my overall physical health and wellness. More importantly, he has empowered me to take charge of my health, and I feel more attuned to my body and what it needs as a result of our weekly sessions.  




    Dan has been a crucial part of my medical team for the last couple of years.

    He has helped me with a number of chronic and acute health issues over time ranging from immune dysfunction due a long term battle with Lyme disease, which triggered ME/CFS, to dealing with side effects of necessary allopathic interventions. He has helped me manage issues effectively that confounded other medical professionals. I have achieved a significantly better state of health and quality of life, since I have been working with him.

    As a western clinical herbalist and functional nutritionist, Dan has an excellent grasp of the science and application of herbal and nutritional interventions based on each individual’s unique biochemical needs. He does not apply a cookie cutter approach in either area, treatment plans are highly individualized.

    He makes his own tinctures, powders and formulas from the highest quality raw materials, I absolutely trust the herbs and formulas I purchase from him.

    Dan truly loves what he does. He seems to delight in sharing of his knowledge and empowering his clients to be truly hands-on in the management of their health.

    Dan has a warm demeanor, a good sense of humor and keen intelligence which makes him a pleasure to work with and learn from. I highly recommend him without reservation.

    —Kendra S., L.Ac. & Artist


    Dan and his protocols have changed my life.

    I had suffered from knee pain/injuries, inflammation, intense anxiety/panic, and extreme fatigue for 20 years.  

    Dan has guided me in my healing journey to completely change all of this, and so much more. It’s hard to believe how different my body, spirit, and life was, less than one year ago when I started working with him.  

    While he undoubtably has the abundant knowledge and skills to give amazing herbal, lifestyle, and diet suggestions, I ultimately had to put in the self-work and dedication to make these methods effective. And I never felt alone, because Dan oversaw this process with attention, compassion, and the dedication that is required for deep, sustainable healing.  

    While I still have more to go, Dan’s protocols have helped me feel more than just emotionally and physically stable: I can handle life, I am living fully, and I am thriving!!

    I am extremely grateful for Dan and his practice! Thank you.